• Subjects: Australia’s relationship with Latvia; Russia’s war on Ukraine; EU Australia Free Trade Agreement; Cross-Strait tensions; Australia’s relationship with China.
    8 August 2022
  • Subjects: Opening of Australian Centre for Education campus, 70th anniversary of Australia-Cambodia relations, ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting, Taiwan, Myanmar, Sean Turnell, AUKUS.
    4 August 2022
  • Subjects: Visit by Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, ASEAN meetings, Defence strategic review.
    3 August 2022


  • Subjects: COVID management, Pacific Islands Forum, US engagement in the Pacific, Kiribati.
    13 July 2022
  • Subjects: Meeting with the Chinese Foreign Minister, Australia-China relations, Pacific Islands Forum, US engagement in the Pacific.
    13 July 2022
  • Subjects: Pacific Island Forum; visit to Fiji; bilaterals with Pacific Island leaders; relationship with the Pacific region; climate change; China; Vice President of the United States announcement; migration; Pacific Island workers in Australia.
    13 July 2022
  • Subjects: Pacific Islands Forum, climate change, COVID recovery, COP29 hosting, Vanuatu request to ICJ, emissions target, US-Pacific relations, Australian assistance to Kiribati, 2050 Strategy for the Blue Pacific Continent, Pacific labour mobility.
    12 July 2022
  • Subjects: Former Japanese Prime Minister Abe, G20, meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
    8 July 2022
  • Subjects: G20, Pacific Islands Forum Foreign Minister’s Meeting, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Australia-China relations, Taiwan.
    8 July 2022
  • Subjects: G20 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Australia-China relations, Pacific Islands Forum Foreign Ministers’ Meeting, Solomon Islands, Japan.
    7 July 2022
  • Subjects: Australia-Singapore relations, Comprehensive Strategic Partnership, global supply chains, green energy, G20 meetings, Australia-China relations, Australia-Singapore Green Economy Agreement.
    6 July 2022



  • Subjects: Australia's relationship with Fiji; Pacific labour visas; Chinese influence in Pacific.
    27 May 2022