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Subjects: AUSMIN; cooperation in the Pacific and on climate change.

Natalie Barr: Host It is all eyes on Brisbane today. Two of the Biden Administration's most powerful figures are touching down for a high-stakes summit with Australia's top foreign and defence officials.

For more, we're joined by Australia's Foreign Minister, Penny Wong. Good morning to you.

Penny Wong, Foreign Minister: Good morning.

Barr: Tell us how important these talks are for our national security in a world of rising tensions.

Foreign Minister: Well, you've put it well, haven't you, Nat. Thanks very much for the question and for the opportunity to be with you. We do live in a world of rising competition. We live in a world where we're confronting climate, as well as geopolitical competition. So, working with the United States on security cooperation, on cooperation in the Pacific and on climate, which is the third pillar of the alliance, is really important to Australia and to Australians.

Barr: So, what key issues are you going to be focusing on?

Foreign Minister: Well, I think those three areas are the key ones. More security cooperation, how do we work together to make sure we live in a region that's peaceful, stable and prosperous, where sovereignty of countries is respected. Obviously, cooperation in the Pacific. And importantly, cooperation on climate. We've got a big job to do as a world in accelerating the transition to cleaner energy. When the Prime Minister and President Biden met in Japan this year, they made sure that they announced a compact on climate cooperation and we want to make sure we take that a bit further.

Barr: As far as security is concerned, how much will you be discussing China?

Foreign Minister: Look, I think we'll be discussing what we're seeing in the world and we are seeing increasing competition. And you've seen the PM, myself, Richard Marles, saying really clearly, we have to work to ensure we have stability and peace. Peace is never given and it's something you've got to work for. And everything we do is about ensuring that peace and stability.

Barr: Okay, well, we wish you a good meeting. Thank you very much, Foreign Minister. Penny Wong, there.

Foreign Minister: Great to be with you.

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