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  • Subjects: Russia-Ukraine conflict; China’s influence in the Indo-Pacific; China-Taiwan relations.
    24 September 2022
  • Subjects: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine; Russia-China Relations; UN Charter; AUKUS; Taiwan; Climate; First Nations foreign policy.
    24 September 2022
  • Subjects: The UN General Assembly; UN Security Council; Solomon Islands; war crimes in Ukraine; referendums in Ukraine.
    24 September 2022
  • Subjects: Meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi; 2050 strategy for the Blue Pacific; detention of Cheng Lei and Yang Hengjun; Russia’s invasion of Ukraine; Former Prime Minister Abe’s funeral.
    23 September 2022
  • Subjects: National Day Mourning; downing MH17; Russia-Ukraine conflict; First Nations foreign policy; Declaration Indigenous People's Rights; debt load poorer countries; Greater Sunrise project; Chinese military escalation; UN Secretary-General's address
    22 September 2022