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Subjects: Hamas-Israel conflict.

Journalist: Did you have an opportunity to discuss this with the US, other allies in the Anglosphere or Israel before making the speech?

Penny Wong, Foreign Minister: Look, we engage regularly with our colleagues internationally, and the point I was making is there's currently an international discussion about the pathway beyond the conflict. And the point I was also making, and this is important, that long-term peace will require a two-state solution. We've said that for years. That is a bipartisan position, a position that the Labor Government has had for many years. And we have reiterated that again last night.

Journalist: Will Australia vote in favour of Palestinian statehood if it's raised at the UN?

Foreign Minister: We'll see what comes forward. But what I would say is we would need to see Hamas release hostages. We would need to see a plan for a pathway to peace. That's what we need to see.

Journalist: The Opposition says this is premature while Hamas is still in control. Do you agree with that?

Foreign Minister: I have been clear that Hamas has no role in the future of Gaza and that Hamas must release hostages. What I'm talking about is what is the long-term pathway to peace, and that's the discussion the international community is having.

Journalist: The Opposition says this would embolden or even reward terrorism.

Foreign Minister: Yeah, I actually dealt with that last night. I think the way to think about this is, in fact, ensuring that there is a pathway to peace emboldens moderates because it requires both sides to live side by side in peace. And we need to find a way, a pathway to peace out of the current conflict. And we need to find a way to ensure that both the Palestinian people and the Israeli people can live in peace and security.

Journalist: Can you give us some sort of idea about when you would like to progress this discussion?

Foreign Minister: Well, this is a discussion that's occurring in the international community. And what I was saying is we are part of that discussion because we want to see a pathway to peace, a long-term pathway to peace. And I think that's what we all want. Thank you very much.

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