Doorstop, Beijing, China

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Subjects: Arrival in China; Detained Australians; Trade of Australian Goods.

Question: Good to be here tonight, Penny?

Penny Wong, Foreign Minister: It's very good to be here in China after quite a long time between visits. Can I acknowledge and thank the government of the People's Republic of China for the invitation to be here so that we can spend the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between our countries, I look forward to the meetings discussing many of the issues that are important to us.

Question: Minister, what would be the mark of a successful trip here?

Foreign Minister: The mark of success is the dialogue itself, we obviously have a lot of issues to work through, and dialogue is the prerequisite for working through them.

Question: Minister, how hopeful should the families of the detained Australians be that they will be released?

Foreign Minister: I will continue to advocate for Australians detained, as I always do.

Question: To what extent will Australia's concerns about human rights in China be raised?

Foreign Minister: Australia always raises the issue of human rights at all levels as appropriate.

Question: Have you seen the news about signs that China may be encouraging the purchase of Australian lobsters and other goods? Is that a promising sign?

Foreign Minister: Look, what I would say is what I've said to Minister Wang Yi, State Councillor Wang Yi, we believe it's in the interest of both countries for the trade impediments to be removed. Thanks very much. Cheers.

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