Joint Statement of the Foreign Ministers of Australia, Canada and New Zealand on the Execution of Protesters in Iran

  • Joint media statement

We are watching a dark chapter in Iran's recent history unfold and we are responding in defence of all of its citizens. The Iranian regime's brutality against its own people, in particular its women and girls, is unrelenting, and the situation is only worsening.

The people of Iran have not given up hope as they courageously demand full respect for their human rights, despite the threats against them.

Iran's security forces persist with draconian methods to ruthlessly suppress peaceful protesters, including the use of lethal force and senseless violence against women and children.

Hundreds have lost their lives and thousands languish in detention, among them an unknown number of children.

We are appalled by Iran's execution of protestors since last Thursday. Many others detained may await the same fate.

Cloaking state-sanctioned killing in opaque legal processes is beyond abhorrent. Nothing can justify these shameful actions.

We oppose the death penalty in all circumstances for all people, everywhere.

And we call on Iran to immediately establish a moratorium to halt all executions and to end this brutal and inhumane punishment.

The UN General Assembly spoke unequivocally when it voted overwhelmingly in favour of the resolution on a 'Moratorium on the use of the death penalty'. The General Assembly also voiced its deep concern at the persistent human rights violations committed by the Iranian regime, voting in favour of the resolution on the human rights situation in Iran.

The global trend away from the death penalty is unmistakable.

The Iranian regime's violence must end, and there must be justice and accountability for the countless, egregious human rights violations committed since the outbreak of protests.

Now is the time for the regime to start listening and to act and meet the legitimate concerns of its citizens. The Iranian people have suffered long enough, and they are showing they will no longer be silenced. The Iranian regime must address the grievances of its citizens and ensure all Iranians are free to enjoy their fundamental human rights and freedoms.

Our support for the Iranian people to live their lives free from persecution is unwavering. We hear their powerful voices, and we will continue to amplify them wherever we can.

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