Strategic Investment in our Region’s Health Security

  • Media release

The Australian Government will make a further five-year, $375 million strategic investment in our region’s health security, which will strengthen health systems and help us prepare for emerging infectious disease outbreaks.

This second phase of the Government’s Health Security Initiative for the Indo-Pacific region builds on achievements to date to contribute to the avoidance and containment of infectious disease threats, in close consultation with our partners. 

Since 2017, the Initiative has provided critical support to partner countries in infection prevention and control, upskilling the health workforce, and strengthening laboratory and surveillance systems. Our partnerships allowed us to pivot quickly when the COVID-19 pandemic hit to support our closest neighbours.

Australia has supported the development of 13 antimalarials; six TB medicines; 24 infectious diseases diagnostic tests, and five mosquito-control tools. We have strengthened health information systems and supply chain portals for vaccine stocks and medicines. Australia has also prioritised research and development for global health.

Our investments have supported the rapid development of COVID-19 vaccines, developed testing and surveillance capabilities and expanded access to quality registered medical products.

We look forward to consulting with regional, Quad and Australian partners on mutual priorities and opportunities for collaboration in the next phase.

The health of Australia and our region are closely linked. We will continue to work with our neighbours as part of our shared commitment to building the resilience of our entire region.

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