Myanmar and the Rohingya crisis

  • Media release

The Rohingya crisis is the largest humanitariancrisis in Australia's region. The recent UN Fact-Finding Mission found that warcrimes, crimes against humanity, and likely genocide had occurred in RakhineState.

Over recent engagements at the United Nations GeneralAssembly and at the ASEM Summit, I have raised Australia's serious concerns ina series of meetings with international partners and senior officials. I alsomet recently with the International Committee of the Red Cross President PeterMaurer to discuss international efforts to alleviate the humanitarian impacts.

As previously indicated, I have now imposed targetedfinancial sanctions and travel bans against five Myanmar military officersresponsible for human rights violations committed by units under their command.Details of these individuals are in the ConsolidatedList of people and entities subject to targeted sanctions underAustralian laws.

Australia willcontinue to support the humanitarian needs of those affected, and to work withMyanmar and our partners in the region to encourage efforts towards a long termand durable solution to the crisis.

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