MIKTA Foreign Ministers’ statement, 17 December 2021

  • Joint statement
17 December 2021

This is a critical time for Afghanistan. We, the Foreign Ministers of Mexico, Indonesia, the Republic of Korea, Turkey and Australia – comprising MIKTA – express our increasing concern as the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan worsens.

As a partnership for progress, MIKTA countries join together to cooperate and collaborate on matters of global importance. Today we are combining our voices to call on reinforced multilateral efforts on the dire situation faced by the people in Afghanistan and those displaced in neighbouring countries, which will only worsen in the approaching winter months without direct and significant international support.

MIKTA countries have contributed to address the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan in immediate life-saving protection and asylum for Afghan people facing imminent risk or persecution, assistance for displaced people in Afghanistan and Afghan refugees in neighbouring countries. We recognise the role of neighbouring countries in providing protection to Afghan refugees as well as their support and cooperation with the international community in delivering humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan. Without sustained support from the international community, the human cost of this crisis will continue to increase. We also support the UN and other international organizations’ Afghan-related funds dedicated to improving the humanitarian situation in the country.

Our international humanitarian response must ensure particular attention is given to those who are in the most vulnerable situations, including displaced women, children and minorities who face the challenges of social exclusion in addition to the compounding impacts of conflict, drought, COVID-19 and economic crisis. Widespread reports of loss of rights for women and girls are deeply disturbing. Equal access to health, education, employment, and other services must be ensured, including through internationally funded programs.

We reiterate the need for a coordinated, effective and continued response to the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan and emphasise the necessity of full, safe and unhindered access for United Nations agencies and other humanitarian organisations providing assistance. We urge all parties to comply with applicable international humanitarian law and international human rights law and to ensure the safety and security of humanitarian staff. We welcome the efforts of Uzbekistan to make Termez a center and hub for humanitarian aid to Afghanistan.

MIKTA stands in solidarity with the Afghan people and will work together to support delivery of an effective humanitarian response.

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