Malka Leifer

  • Joint media release with:

The Hon. Christian Porter MP, Attorney-General, Minister for Industrial Relations, Leader of the House

17 December 2020

The Australian Government welcomes the latest, significant developments in Israel overnight in the extradition proceedings against Malka Leifer.

Israel’s Justice Minister has confirmed he has signed the extradition order for Ms Leifer to be sent to Australia where she can face trial on the serious allegations against her of child sexual assault.

In signing the extradition order, the Justice Minister, Mr Nissenkorn, said: “After many years of legal battle, it is our moral duty to allow the Australian legal authorities to put her on trial.”

Attorney-General, Christian Porter, said the allegations against Ms Leifer are very serious.

“Ms Leifer is wanted to stand trial in Victoria on 74 counts of child sexual abuse,” the Attorney-General said.

“These are extremely serious allegations which should be heard within the Victorian judicial system.  After many years, it now appears that is close to becoming a reality.”

Minister Payne welcomed the fact that the Australian legal system is now close to hearing Malka Leifer’s case.

“My thoughts this morning remain with the alleged victims, including Dassi Erlich, Nicole Meyer, Elly Sapper, who have mounted a determined campaign to ensure that the allegations against Ms Leifer are heard by the Australian legal system.

“They have shown enormous patience and resolve. I hope these developments overnight give them confidence that this chapter in the long-running and difficult process is drawing to a close, and the charges against Malka Leifer can soon be heard in Australia.”

The Ministers said that while there are still potential legal steps open to Ms Leifer’s legal team in Israel, they were heartened by reports that they would not be challenging the extradition order.  However, it is important that be formally confirmed.

Once all processes in Israel are concluded, Israeli and Australian authorities will work together to organise Ms Leifer’s surrender to Australian authorities for her return to Australia.  Surrender is required within 60 days of the conclusion of all formal Israeli processes.

Victoria Police will be the lead agency responsible for the logistic arrangements for Ms Leifer’s return to Victoria supported by Commonwealth agencies as required.

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