Luxury Exports Ban to Russia

  • Media release

The Australian Government will prohibit the export of luxury goods to Russia, including wine, high value cosmetics and parts for luxury vehicles.

These sanctions target President Putin and his wealthy enablers, not ordinary Russian consumers. They are being undertaken in coordination with key partners to restrict the Russian elite’s access to such goods. The European Union and the United States already have bans in effect. Japan’s ban will enter into force today, and the United Kingdom’s ban is due to follow soon.

The Australian Government is deeply committed to imposing the highest costs on Russia for President Putin’s illegal and unprovoked war.

This ban follows our targeted financial sanctions on President Putin, members of his Government, Russian oligarchs, propagandists and disinformation operatives, as well as senior Russian military leaders. It also follows our ban on the export of alumina and bauxite to Russia.

The Australian Government reiterates our unwavering support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and for the people of Ukraine.

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