Joint Statement from Deputy Prime Minister McCormack & Minister Payne on Gulf Livestock I

  • Joint Statement
  • The Hon Michael McCormack MP, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Development
  • Senator the Hon Marise Payne, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Women
11 September 2020

The Australian Government acknowledges the distress of the family and friends of those missing since the capsizing of Gulf Livestock I on 2 September. 

Tragically, two Australians who were on board the vessel remain missing.  Our thoughts are with their loved ones at this very difficult time. We are also thinking of the families and friends of the remaining crew members from New Zealand and the Philippines who are also missing.

Australia is engaging Japanese authorities closely on Japan’s search and rescue effort, acknowledging Japan’s responsibilities in this instance under the International Search and Rescue Convention. 

The Australian Government thanks Japan for its search and rescue effort, deploying air and sea assets over a vast area, in a very dangerous operation, given poor weather conditions caused by two recent typhoons off the coast of Japan.

Japan’s Coast Guard has advised the Australian Embassy in Tokyo and the Australian Consulate-General in Osaka that wide area surveillance by air and sea continues. Australia is encouraging Japan’s ongoing air and sea efforts, and continues to offer the Japanese authorities any supporting capability needed. Japan’s Coast Guard has assured Australia it will not give up its search for those missing.

The Australian Government acknowledges and respects the professionalism and continuing response of the Japanese authorities and will continue to engage them closely.     

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade will continue to provide the families of the missing Australians with all possible consular assistance. Out of respect for their privacy, we will not provide any further comment at this time.

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