Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action

  • Statement
09 May 2019

The Australian Government is deeply concerned by the statements made by Iran in relation to its compliance with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

The Australian Government reviewed our approach to the Plan of Action last year, following which Prime Minister Morrison made clear that Australia supported the Plan of Action as long as Iran remained in compliance with its provisions.

We have made our concerns regarding Iran's destabilising activities well-known. While I note that Iran has said it is not withdrawing from the Plan of Action, Australia continues to urge Iran to exercise restraint and to comply with its commitments.

The nuclear non-proliferation objectives of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action are worthy and serve the best interests of peace, stability, and regional security. Australia strongly supports these objectives, and encourages parties to the Plan to redouble their efforts to honour its provisions.

In line with caretaker conventions, the opposition has been briefed on this matter.

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