Investing in Australia’s multilateral capability and leadership

  • Media release

Australia will invest $25.6 million over four years to assist young Australian professionals to gain real world experience at international institutions critical to Australia’s interests.

Through the United Nations’ Junior Professional Officer Program, Australia joins more than 40 other nations in providing young professionals with practical experience in multilateral cooperation.

Australian participants will gain critical skills and expertise to build their careers in multilateral engagement, both in Australia and overseas.

The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the importance of international institutions in responding to global challenges.

This investment demonstrates Australia’s commitment to building a strong and resilient multilateral system that upholds the rule of law and protects human rights.

It is an investment in the institutions that support our modern economy through critical functions such as international trade, global health, food safety, postal services and air and sea transport.

In the long-term, the investment will give Australians a greater presence in global institutions and help ensure that Australia has the international influence we need to protect our national interests, sovereignty and values.

It is expected the first Australian participants under this new investment will be deployed in early 2022, with eligible candidates selected through merit-based recruitment processes.

The Government will also commit up to $3.8 million over four years for targeted senior secondments, ensuring that Australia will continue to play an active role in shaping global institutions.

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