Human Rights Council 31st Special Session on serious human rights concerns and the situation in Afghanistan

  • National Statement

Australia expresses its grave concerns about the situation in Afghanistan.

We remain committed to helping Afghanistan to build a stable and secure future.

We are deeply concerned about the potential for further loss of life and suffering, human rights abuses and the humanitarian crisis that is unfolding.

The Taliban must not resort to violence against civilians and must adhere to applicable international law, allow access for humanitarian actors, and afford human rights to all individuals in Afghanistan, including women and girls, young people and those belonging to minorities.

We express concern about recent reports of new threats of forced and early marriage.

We also call on the Taliban to facilitate and allow the safe and orderly departure of those who wish to leave the country.

Australia urges the Taliban to allow the work of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, and that of other human rights defenders, to continue unhindered.

Australia will judge the Taliban by its actions.

To demonstrate its commitment to upholding its international obligations, the Taliban should allow foreign and Afghan media to continue to report freely, including from outside Kabul.

We will continue to work with international partners to contribute to addressing the challenges facing Afghanistan and preserving the gains made by the Afghan people, in particular women and girls, over the last twenty years.

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