Hakeem Alaraibi

  • Media release
05 February 2019

The Australian Government reiterates its calls for the Thai Government to release Hakeem Alaraibi home to Australia to be with his friends and family following his extradition hearing.

Thailand's office of the Attorney-General has publicly confirmed that Thailand's Extradition Act allows for executive discretion in such cases. This was also confirmed by the prosecutor in the context of yesterday's hearing.

Mr Alaraibi is a refugee and a permanent resident of Australia and the Government remains deeply concerned by his ongoing detention in Thailand.

The Australian Government continues to advocate on behalf of Mr Alaraibi at the highest levels in both Thailand and Bahrain.

Both governments are aware of the importance of this matter to the Australian Government and Australian people.

The Australian Government welcomes the many messages of support and concern that have been expressed for Mr Alaraibi, including from the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, other governments, the Football Federation of Australia, FIFA, the IOC and Mr Alaraibi's local community in Melbourne.

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