Combatting transnational crime in Southeast Asia

  • Media release

Today I announce a $30 million initiative to help our partners inthe Mekong region combat transnational crime and strengthen security in ourregion.

The Mekong-Australia Program: Transnational Crime (MAP-TNC)is an eight-year investment that will promote cross-border cooperation betweenCambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam, supporting their efforts totackle serious threats such as drug trafficking, child sexual exploitation andfinancial crimes.

Illegal flows of goods in Southeast Asia are estimated to exceedUS$110 billion per year. Transnational organised crime in Southeast Asia underminesregional stability and economic development and directly harms communities andindividuals in Australia.

Strong regional cooperation is critical to combating transnationalcrime in this complex and challenging environment.

Australian law enforcement, security and border protectionagencies will work with their regional counterparts to enhance policydevelopment and build the technical and operational capabilities needed tocombat transnational crime threats.

This new investment will build on Australia's deep engagement inthe law and justice sector in Southeast Asia. It will complement our efforts tocombat human trafficking in the region, in which Australia has been activelyinvolved for more than 15 years.

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