Australia's support for religious freedom dialogue

  • Media release
19 July 2019

Australiawas pleased to take part in the second Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedomhosted by the United States in Washington DC from 16-18 July.

Theforum brought together governments, international organisations, religiousgroups and other civil society representatives to discuss opportunities topromote and protect freedom of religion or belief internationally.

TheAustralian Government is a committed advocate for freedom of religion or belieffor all individuals worldwide. It is a fundamental human right, and we firmlybelieve that its protection contributes to stable, cohesive societies.

Australiaseeks out every possible avenue to advocate for those experiencing religiousintolerance or abuse.

Weadvocate on this issue directly with states, in bilateral, multilateral andregional settings, through our development program, and in partnership withcivil society.

The promotion and protection of human rightsunderpins sustainable peace and prosperity for individuals, communities andsocieties as a whole.

Australia looks forward to continuing to work withour international partners to advance human rights globally, including theright to freedom of religion or belief.

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