Australia-Indonesia Institute Chair

  • Media release
18 December 2018

I am pleased toannounce the appointment of Associate Professor Greg Fealy as Chair of theAustralia-Indonesia Institute.

Established in1989, the Australia-Indonesia Institute fosters links between Australia andIndonesia by increasing cultural awareness, promoting cooperation and exchange,and enhancing understanding between our two nations.

The board bringstogether individuals with expertise in academia, business, the arts, education,medicine and the media to advise the Government on ways to continue tostrengthen Australia's cultural, people-to-people and institutional links withIndonesia.

AssociateProfessor Fealy is a recognised expert on Indonesia and Islam in Indonesia. Heteaches at the Australian National University's College of Asia and the Pacific,regularly advises governments, international organisations and businesses, andrecently served as Interim Chair of the Institute.

I look forward toworking with Associate Professor Fealy and the members of theAustralia-Indonesia Institute Board to promote friendship, understanding andopportunity between Australia and Indonesia.

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