Sunrise, NATO Summit - interview with Samantha Armytage

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SAMANTHA ARMYTAGE: … representing Australia at the talks is Foreign Minister Julie Bishop who joins us now.

Good morning. Now theIslamic State terrorists will be the major topic for day two. Do you have a sense yet of what the response might be?

JULIE BISHOP: There was a great deal of discussion about ISIL and the conflicts in Syria and Iraq during the course of the first day at NATO. Of course the topic was meant to be about thetransition to Afghan Security Forces, taking over the security and safety of that country, but of course in the margins there was a great deal of discussion about how different countries are responding to the risks posed by foreign fighters and also how we can respond to ISIL's brutality and barbarous ways currently in Syria and Iraq.

I expect tomorrow that we will discuss specific ways that nations can respond, first to foreign fighters, and then secondly as to what can be done to stop the spread of this brutal regime ISIL and other likeminded organisations. So it's a real issue for many nations across the globe.

SAMANTHA ARMYTAGE: Yeah absolutely. We look forward to hearing the outcome of those talks Minister. And you have received a very well deserved honour from the Netherlands for the work you did in Ukraine, securing access to that MH17 crash site. Just tell us a little bit about that.

JULIE BISHOP: Well I was very touched to receive an Order from the Dutch Government, presented to me by Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans for my role in the MH17 tragedy. Of course, as we know, so many people from the Netherlands lost their lives as well as the 38 people who call Australia home and I was honoured to receive it on behalf of the Australian people because this was a team effort, to retrieve the remains from the crash site and commence the investigation. But it was a very nice touch of the Dutch Government to recognise Australia in this way and I wore the medal with pride throughout the day.

SAMANTHA ARMYTAGE: Yes, congratulations, as I said, it is well deserved.

Minister, thanks for your time.

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