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JOURNALIST: Foreign MinisterJulie Bishop joins us now. Minister, good morning to you.

JULIE BISHOP: Good morning.

JOURNALIST: Has the Government been intouch with this young man and his family?

JULIE BISHOP: Yes Kochie, our consular officials inBali have been in contact with the young man and we are arranging tovisit him today. Our consular officials in Canberra have also been incontact with his family in Perth. We are providing whatever consularsupport and advice we can, in terms of assisting with legalrepresentation and whatever other assistance we can provide at this stage. Youmay well be aware that under Indonesian law, people can be held for up tothree days, they can be detained for a further three days whileinvestigations are carried out and then a decision is made whether tocharge someone or not. I have to take this opportunity to remind youngpeople in particular who are going overseas for Schoolies Week ortrips after the end of school, to remember that they are subject to thelaws of the country that they are visiting. When you leave Australia,you leave behind the Australian legal system, the Australian supportsystem and you are subject to the laws of another country.

JOURNALIST: Yeah and some of those laws and thecustoms and cultures are very different to here, hard to get yourhead around for a young kid. A security guard was the one that dobbed himinto the police so there is a real chain here that can becontaminated.

JULIE BISHOP: I won't go into the details ofthe case, I don't want to say anything that compromises theinvestigation or is counterproductive in any way but I just reiterate thatlegal processes, judicial processes can be quite different in othercountries and we know that in Indonesia that they are particularlytough on drugs and we have seen a number of circumstances in the pastwhere Australians have been caught up in drug offences, in Bali inparticular. So I do urge young people and their families toremember that once you leave Australia you are no longer subjectto the Australian laws, you are subject to the laws of that other country.

JOURNALIST: Alright.Let's move on to Donald Trump now. Overnight he has releaseda video following through on his threat to dump the Trans PacificPartnership, a sort of trade agreement amongst a whole bunch of Pacificcountries, how detrimental is this decision for Australian industry?

JULIE BISHOP: Well in fact Kochie, we have a freetrade agreement with the United States and we have free tradeagreements with other countries within the Trans Pacific Partnership.We believe in the benefits of the Trans Pacific Partnership forAustralian jobs and economic growth because we rely on exports,exporting goods and services overseas, for our economic growth. We alsobelieve it is in the interests of the United States strategically andeconomically, but it is a matter for the new Administration underPresident-elect Trump. In the meantime, the Obama Administration is still in fullexecutive and constitutional authority in the United States and they may wellcontinue to push the TPP. But from our point of view, we will continue topursue all the other trade options that there are, and the details ofwhat the United States would do under a Trump Administration are yet tobe clarified.

JOURNALIST: Ok, that is good that we have alreadygot a free trade agreement with the United States so we are covered there.Just quickly, I know you love your cricket, the South African…don'tsmile like that [laughter]… South African captain has been convicted ofball tampering. Would you consider including this as one of the conditionsof getting a visa to Australia? Maybe cancelling a visa under the system...We reckon the penalty...

JULIE BISHOP: What kind of conviction is it? Underwhat law?

JOURNALIST: Cheating! Cheating!

JULIE BISHOP: Yeah but under what law?

JOURNALIST: Cheating!We think a fine of just match payments is just wrong; it shouldbe more serious than this. Will you take control the issue?

JULIE BISHOP: How about we make him play forthe Australian team?

JOURNALIST: Oh! [Laughter]

JOURNALIST: No, he is a cheater Minister! Heis cheating! Sorry to interrupt.

JULIE BISHOP: I was trying to think of somepunishment.

JOURNALIST: [Laughter] Cancel his visa!

JOURNALIST: Sendhim home! Send him home!

JOURNALIST: That is punishment enough.Thank you for that.

JULIE BISHOP: My pleasure.

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