Sky News UK, New York - Interview with Faisal Islam

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JOURNALIST: …thanks for joining us. So it's Theresa May's first time on the big world stage, our new Prime Minister. A time of interest in Britain's position in the world given Brexit. How do you think the United Nations has gone down as one of Britain's first summits?

JULIE BISHOP: Well the United Kingdom is a significant global player, it has a significant economy, it's a strategic force and it's a positive force for good in the world. I spent some time in London recently with your Foreign Secretary and your Defence Secretary and we reaffirmed our very close engagement with the United Kingdom and we look forward to an even closer relationship, if that's possible, in the years post-Brexit.

JOURNALIST: Is it fair to say that if when a big new UK-Australia trade deal gets done, that that would have to include more visas for Australians, something that was cut just a couple of years ago?

JULIE BISHOP: We have long argued for more access to visas to Britain and I know that Foreign Secretary Johnson has also been a big supporter of deeper exchanges between Australia and Britain, and is a big fan of Australia I'm looking forward to working closely with Foreign Secretary Johnson to see if we can have more visas, particularly for young Australians and young Britons wanting to spend time in each other's country. It's something that we've long championed and I hope that in Boris Johnson we have a sympathetic ear.

JOURNALIST: I'm sure you do. I know the Brits miss the Aussies in London…

JULIE BISHOP: There have been some wonderful times that young Australians have had in Britain and I'm sure they want to continue.

JOURNALIST: Thanks so much Foreign Minister, Ms Bishop.


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