Remarks at the G'day USA Gala

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27 January 2018

JULIEBISHOP: What an absolute delight it is to bein Los Angeles this evening among so many friends of Australia and friends ofthe United States as we celebrate a landmark G'day USA. Fifteen years ofcelebrating one of the most unique relationships in the world. Few countriescan claim to be as close or have such an enduring relationship as Australia andthe United States. Fifteen years of showcasing the very best of what Australiahas to offer in our talent, our products and our ideas. Working together,Australia and the United States have transformed the world. Not just in defenceor strategic or economic terms but as innovative nations. We all know that theApple iPhone has revolutionised our lives but what many people don't know isthat it was a team of Australian scientists that invented Wi-Fi thatunderpinned the capability of the smart phone. And we should all be so proud ofthe fact that yesterday we named the Australian of the Year, Professor MichelleSimmons, who is a world leading researcher in quantum computing and she willtransform our lives.

As I travel around the globe,representing Australia as Foreign Minister, I'm constantly struck by the highregard in which Australia and Australians are held. For example, last year webroke a world record. No other country has achieved 26 years of uninterruptedeconomic growth, ever! Australia did it and counting.

Of course we have areputation for being a powerhouse in minerals and energy exports, inagricultural commodities - high quality and reliable. But ladies and gentlemen,our greatest export is our people. Our brilliant, talented, exceptionallycreative and innovative, resourceful, hardworking Australians who have a greatsense of humour and are loved around the world. And what an example we saw herethis evening. Bruna Papandrea, Margot Robbie, Olivia Newton-John, John Farrar,Rebel Wilson, Hugh Sheridan, Delta Goodrem, Paul Hogan, Isaiah Firebrace. Itgoes on and on and on. We are so proud of our talented Australians who aretaking the United States by storm. But I also want to take the opportunity totalk about corporate Australia and thank all of those businesses who aresupporting G'Day USA and I have to say that no one better exemplifies the bestof Australian corporate life than Mr Kerry Stokes and his wife Christine whohave contributed so much to Australian business and cultural and philanthropiclife. G'day USA could not have got off the ground if it had not been for ourfounding sponsor, Qantas. Our Qantas. Our Qantas that we share with the worldas one of the leading and the safest airlines around the globe. I alsowant to thank all of our founding partners, our strategic and corporatepartners and film and television, our food and beverage, our think tank andacademic and program partners for the support over the years. I also paytribute to the G'day USA Champions. A list of luminaries including Hugh Jackmanand Ian Thorpe. Some of them couldn't be here but they are well representedthis evening by Rachel Griffiths, the Honourable Bruce Baird, Greg Basser,Cinzia Burnes and the wonderful father of G'day USA, John Olsen.

I want to thank you all forbeing here tonight and for each and every Australian and American who hascontributed to the success of G'day USA over the 15 years. Each one of you has addedto the strength and the enduring quality of the relationship between Australiaand the United States. Allies, partners, friends but most of all, we love eachother!

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