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FIFI BOX: I thought, Fev, that it would be a good opportunity to speak to somebody who is, really, solely responsible for the diplomatic relations between our country and many others, particularly Indonesia. So Fev, as a little treat, let's welcome to the show our Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop! Hi Julie.

JULIE BISHOP: Good morning. How are you all?

FIFI BOX: Very well, and it is important to point that we are behaving ourselves Julie. I think that is something that we were a little concerned about. Have you ever been interviewed, Julie, by somebody who is in a swimming pool? Fev is actually in his board shorts in a swimming pool right now.

JULIE BISHOP: I've been interviewed when I was in a swimming pool, but not when the interviewer was, so this is something different isn't it?

BRENDAN FEVOLA: Well, there you go! Now, I'm not quite sure what happened last night, but just in case, I'm glad you're on the line - just in case something happens. Have you got my back?

JULIE BISHOP: It's going to be a little too late for the advice I was going to give you. See, I was traveling last night, I was flying home otherwise I would have given you all this advice before the buck's party. You know, don't do anything stupid, don't get drunk, don't drink and drive, don't take drugs, show respect to the local people – I had it all worked out, and now I find that actually you have had the buck's party, so what can I say?

BRENDAN FEVOLA: You probably should have called last night!

FIFI BOX: So diplomatic immunity won't hold any weight right now, Julie?

JULIE BISHOP: I think that that is one thing that people forget, that once you leave Australia, you leave our laws behind. You're now subject to the laws and customs in Bali. You're subject to their laws, and the penalties imposed by their local laws, but I am sure that you've all behaved and there are not going to be any problems.


JULIE BISHOP: I hope you've kept in touch with your families back home so that they know that you are having fun but are being good.

BRENDAN FEVOLA: Julie, can you get that Australian plane that all you politicians go on and get it here quick? Because I need to get out of here.

JULIE BISHOP: I wish we all had access to that plane – it doesn't quite work that way. In fact, it is over in Germany with the PM – he's on it. Sorry guys.

BRENDAN FEVOLA: That's unfortunate!

JULIE BISHOP: You're going to have to get home yourself.

FIFI BOX: Julie, just hearing you, and as the party planner, I really should have had you on the show last week before we came over here because that was the stern talking to that we needed. We needed that before we headed over here!

JULIE BISHOP: I had it all worked out. I was going to tell you to register your travel on our Smartraveller website, I was going to tell you to research the local laws, and make sure you had travel insurance, and make sure your passport is valid. I would have given you all the advice that your mum should have given you.

FIFI BOX: Oh Julie, you're wonderful. You've been absolutely amazing.

BRENDAN FEVOLA: Can you just let me back in please, Julie? Don't let Daryl back in.

BYRON COOKE: Yes, Daryl Braithwaite was an issue last night. We'll talk to you off-air about him. Thank you. That is Julie Bishop our Foreign Minister. If you are ever in Bali, Julie, the – it's a great way to organise your trip.

JULIE BISHOP: Got it. Thanks guys, take care.

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