Leadership Matters Breakfast - Doorstop. Subjects: Opinion Polls, Iran, Indonesia


Subjects: Opinion Polls, Iran, Indonesia

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25 November 2013

JOURNALIST: [Qustion regarding latest opinion polls]

JULIE BISHOP: These opinion polls can come and go, it's early days, and the government's getting on with a mix of getting rid of the carbon tax, getting rid of the mining tax, growing our economy and creating an environment that will be good for jobs.

JOURNALIST: It would seem the secrecy surrounding stopping the boats is a reason why [inaudible] so well in the polls.

JULIE BISHOP: Well, the polls can be based on a whole range of things, but we are determined to stop the people smuggling trade. Over 1000 people died at sea under the previous government's policies. They clearly failed and we are determined to stop the people smuggling trade.

JOURNALIST: What do you make of the US efforts to seize sanctions against Iran?

JULIE BISHOP: I welcome the efforts to come to some sort of peaceful negotiation with Iran. The onus will now be on Iran to come up with a program that satisfies the rest of the world that they are engaged in civilian nuclear purposes and not otherwise, the onus is now on Iran.

JOURNALIST: And finally, you're very confident we can rebuild our relationship with Indonesia?

JULIE BISHOP: Yes, I am. I believe that the relationship is far too important for both countries and that we will work very hard to build on the relationship that already exists, a very strong foundation, so we must overcome these challenges and keep building on it.

JOURNALIST: Why do you think Tony Abbott was so reluctant to say so, bearing in mind that it wasn't your government that created the problem?

JULIE BISHOP: The Prime Minister has written back to President Yudhoyono in response to his letter and I hope that will assist in building the relationship.

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