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DAVID KOCH: At least 14 people have died in the attacks making this the most deadly period of terror Indonesia has suffered since the 2005 Bali bombings. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop joins me now from Perth. Minister, thanks for joining us. This is a real worry isn't it? What intelligence do we have about plans for terror attacks in Indonesia during Ramadan?

JULIE BISHOP: Good morning Kochie. We are aware that there is a heightened risk of terrorist attacks during Ramadan. These horrific attacks over the weekend are a very grim reminder that terrorist attacks can occur in Indonesia and that is why we are working so very closely with the Indonesian Government and with other partner governments in South-East Asia to stop the scourge of terrorism. What was particularly horrific about the attacks over the weekend was the use of children in the terrorist organisation. We have not seen that in Indonesian attacks before and this takes it to a whole new horrifying level.

DAVID KOCH: It is, as you say Minister, absolutely horrific - children as young as eight and nine being used as suicide bombers. You talk about cooperation within Indonesian authorities, what sort of cooperation is there? Is this the Federal Police and ASIO doing the work here?

JULIE BISHOP: It is indeed, at every level. We have deep engagement through security, intelligence, law-enforcement officers. I made contact with my counterpart Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi yesterday. I expressed our deepest sympathies for those who have been killed and expressed wishes for those who have been injured to recover quickly, and also that we stand in solidarity with the Indonesian Government in ensuring that our people are as safe as they can be. We work very closely with Indonesia to prevent any more attacks, and we are particularly concerned to thwart any attempted attacks here are in Australia.

DAVID KOCH: Yes, absolutely, and always check as you remind the Smartraveller website as well if you're going to travel anywhere. Minister, thanks for joining us.


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