Doorstop interview - climate change

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JOURNALIST Minister, there are reports this morning that you are angry that you're angry that Minister Robb is going with you to Lima, Peru for the climate change talks. Is that correct?

JULIE BISHOPWhy would I be angry about being accompanied by a Minister to a very important climate change conference? Minister Andrew Robb will be in South America next week. I am going to Lima for the Climate Change Conference and it was an efficient use of our time to have two Ministers at the Lima Conference. It demonstrates how seriously we take this conference because this is where we expect to see the major emitters make a contribution as to what their binding targets will be post-2020. So it's important that both the Foreign Minister, as I have responsibility for international treaties including climate change, and the Trade and Investment Minister, for this is an issue that will affect our economy, should be at that meeting.

JOURNALIST Does the Prime Minister trust you when it comes to you talking about climate change issues?

JULIE BISHOPThe Prime Minister has agreed for me to go to a meeting on climate change and indeed the Prime Minister has transferred from the Department of Climate Change to the Department of Foreign Affairs responsibility for international climate change negotiations.

JOURNALIST Some have said it would have made more sense for Greg Hunt to go as the second Minister.

JULIE BISHOPI have responsibility in my foreign affairs portfolio for international negotiations on climate change. It's my responsibility and Andrew Robb of course is the Trade and Investment Minister who was going to be in South America in any event.

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