Doorstop interview

  • Transcript, E&OE

JOURNALIST: (Inaudible)

JULIE BISHOP: I congratulate Ms Ardern on her election as Prime Minister, in fact Prime Minister-designate. Wehave a very strong and deep relationship with New Zealand and I'm lookingforward to working with the new government.

JOURNALIST: Do you feel like you cantrust her?

JULIE BISHOP: Thefact is Ms Ardern gave an explanation a couple of months ago about thebehaviour of a New Zealand member of the Labour Party and she said at the timethat his conduct is wrong, it was unacceptable and it should never havehappened and that he shouldn't have become involved. And I accepted herexplanation and I agreed with her absolutely.

JOURNALIST: Areyou planning to call her and congratulate her?

JULIE BISHOP: It would be unprecedented for aForeign Minister to pre-empt the Prime Minister in terms of givingcongratulatory calls and I certainly look forward to working with thecounterpart when the new Foreign Minister of New Zealand is appointed.

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