Doorstop at Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kyiv

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JULIE BISHOP I have come to Kyiv to work on ensuring that we can implement the spirit and the intent of the Resolution 2166 that was passed unanimously in the United Nations Security Council just a few days ago.

JOURNALIST How does it feel seeing all these flowers here?

JULIE BISHOP It's so unspeakably sad. The more I become involved in this matter and trying to get a resolution for our families at home, I understand how much pain and anguish there is across the world.

Seeing these flowers and tributes and toys reminds us that there were 80 children on board that flight and it firms my resolve to get a resolution and closure for all of the families and relatives who have been involved in this atrocity. And that's what it was. It was a crime.

So our efforts today, in cooperation with my very good friend now – we've worked closely together – Frans Timmermans, is to ensure that we can get the necessary authorisations so that an aircraft investigation and a crime investigation can commence without delay.

Yesterday was a very important moment when the bodies were taken to a safe place in the Netherlands and now we'll see the investigation get underway as soon as possible.

JOURNALIST Of course, enormous security challenges here still…

JULIE BISHOP Of course, there are many matters we need to resolve and that's why I'm going to spend some time here today meeting with relevant authorities in Ukraine and see what we can do to get this underway as soon as possible.

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