COP21 Closing Plenary - Umbrella Group Statement

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12 December 2015

President Hollande, Secretary General

Our own President Laurent Fabius

I am delighted to speak on behalf of the Umbrella Group of countries.

Let me congratulate you, the French presidency team, the Ministerial facilitators, and the dedicated Secretariat for the extraordinary effort you have put into this conference.

Today we have produced a global agreement that creates a framework for all nations to play their part in securing a safe and more prosperous world for future generations.

Mr President, that is in no small part thanks to your tireless and steadfast leadership.

Umbrella Group countries join with all countries around the world in adopting the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Our work here is done, and now we can return home to implement this historic agreement.

This is a pivotal moment for we have concluded a new global legal agreement that will see all countries commit to taking ambitious steps in accordance with their national circumstances and capabilities.

The world has come together to capture our common aspirations.

Mr President, as you noted earlier today, no country will see this as the perfect outcome. Certainly it does not include everything that we envisioned.

However, this agreement does give us a strategy to work together, over coming years and decades, to build the strong and effective action the world needs.

The agreement is clear that we will do this on the basis of action by all, in line with our different national circumstances. Each of us will progress our efforts to the best of our capacity; and no country will step back.

It recognises that our common purpose is to hold global temperature rise well below 2 degrees, keeping 1.5 degrees in our sights, and that this will require a long term transformation to an emissions neutral and climate resilient world.

Critically, the agreement gives us the means – all Parties will come back to the table every five years to update their emissions reduction efforts and ensure we build ambition over time. 2020 will be a key moment for this.

The agreement delivers a strong transparency and accountability system which will establish a common basis for all countries to track their efforts, building in flexibility for countries' differing capacities.

It recognises that countries may cooperate internationally to achieve higher mitigation ambition, through markets and other means.

The agreement confirms that developed countries will continue to lead in providing support for climate action, recognising the important role that others can play in mobilising support and finance flows for low emissions and climate resilient development initiatives.

It raises the profile of adaptation action, sending a strong signal to the world that adaptation is a critical aspect of addressing the climate challenge and calling on all countries to prepare for the inevitable impact that even a below two or 1.5 degree world can bring.

Above all, this agreement will send a signal around the world ? to governments of all levels, business, civil society and communities that we are committed to taking action together, in a truly global response.

Mr President, our task does not end here in Paris. Indeed the hard work lies ahead of us - but given the collegial spirit and collaboration demonstrated here, we can be rightly optimistic about our future.

We thank you for your leadership. We are proud to be part of this historic moment.

Merci Beaucoup.

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