Address to Global Counter-Terrorism Forum

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Earlier this year in an address to the counter-ISIL coalition I warned that despite gains made against ISIL, the group remains a significant threat to the global order.

Recent attacks, not only in Syria and Iraq, but also in Turkey, Germany, France, the US, Indonesia and the Philippines clearly demonstrate the intent and ability ISIL still has to cause harm and strike fear around the world.

In fact, since early June there has been a significant attack directed or inspired by ISIL every 80 hours or so, outside the main ISIL conflict zones.

ISIL, or Daesh, Al-Qaeda and likeminded terror organisations respect no borders, no governments, no laws and no norms of international behaviour.

We note with growing concern the influence ISIL has within Australia and our region.
Since September 2014, ISIL sympathisers have conducted three terror attacks in Australia. An additional ten attacks, though disrupted by our security agencies, were in advanced stages of planning.

In Southeast Asia ISIL has directed and inspired terror attacks in Indonesia and Malaysia, and encouraged kidnap for ransom operations in the Philippines.
This is why Australia values deeply global collaboration on countering violent extremism. We know that no one country can tackle the scourge of ISIL alone.

Last month Australia launched a regional compendium on counter-narratives – produced in cooperation with the UAE-based Hedayah research institute – to inform vulnerable communities in Southeast Asia of the most effective methods to respond to violent extremism.

We worked in partnership with Indonesia to produce a Regional Risk Assessment on Terrorism Financing in Southeast Asia. This assessment – which is a world first – supports efforts to understand, coordinate and respond to risk associated with terrorist financing in our region.

Internationally Australia lends its strong support for the work of the UN in countering terrorism.

We strongly support the UN Secretary-General's Plan of Action for Preventing Violent Extremism and commend the efforts of the UN on the 10th anniversary of the Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy.

Australia gives effect to the Plan of Action through our ongoing support to the Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund.

Today I announce Australia will make a second $1.5 million contribution to that Fund.

We also strongly support the work of the GCTF which plays a vital role in promoting and strengthening international cooperation in the fight against terrorism.

Today I officially launch – as co-chair of the Detention and Reintegration Working Group and on behalf of my esteemed co-chair from Indonesia – the GCTF Countering Violent Extremism in Prisons Program.

This program is already assisting prison officials in Indonesia and Kenya reduce radicalisation rates and prevent terrorist inmates from expanding their influence and orchestrating terrorist attacks.

Morocco has now joined the program and its corrections officials are working with us to tailor the program to meet their needs.

I thank the US, UK, Netherlands, Canada and New Zealand for their generous financial support for the program, together with funding from Australia.

It is critical that we maintain this pressure as ISIL has shown that it is a resilient and enduring global menace.

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