Grants to deepen Australia-Latin America relations

  • Media release

The Council on Australia-Latin America Relations (COALAR) will this year support 15 projects to enhance the economic, political and social ties between Australia and Latin America.

COALAR was established by the Australian Government in 2001 to promote closer engagement with Latin America in business, education, sustainability and tourism. COALAR offers an opportunity to promote collaborative projects that deepen our people-to-people links with Latin America.

The successful projects will receive $440,000 in total funding from the Australian Government. They include:

  • An Australia-Colombia foreign policy dialogue in the context of the free trade agreement negotiations with the Pacific Alliance and the 2017 Foreign Policy White Paper;
  • Supporting the Australian Baseball Federation with the Australia-Cuba International Baseball Cup;
  • CSIRO sharing its expertise in urban water management with partners in Latin America;
  • Young rural farmers from Argentina collaborating with their Australian counterparts at the Future Farmers Network in Australia on agricultural innovation; and
  • Australian Indigenous policy experts engaging on Aboriginal languages, people and policy with national institutions in Mexico and Peru.

The Board selected projects from a competitive and impressive field of over 110 applications. The success of these projects will help drive long-term engagement between individuals and institutions in Australia and Latin America.

Information on COALAR, successful grant recipients and the grants program is available on the COALAR website.

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